What We Do

Wealth Management

Working collaboratively with you in an ever-evolving world of investment opportunities and market conditions. A firm-wide commitment for uncovering new and simplified investment solutions for you.

  1. Equity and Debt Mutual Funds
  2. Equity and Debt Structured Products
  3. Corporate Bonds and Deposits
  4. Non-Convertible Debentures
  5. Sovereign Bonds
  6. Equity Portfolio Management
  7. Boutique Investment Options
  8. Alternative Investment Funds

Risk Advisory

Helping you identify potential risks and ensuring that you have built their mitigates in your portfolio to avoid any adverse impacts through customized insurance solutions, insurance portfolio analysis and portfolio management.

  1. General Insurance
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Group Insurance
  4. Life Insurance

Estate Planning

Ensuring smooth passage of wealth from one generation to another with zero transmission loss.

  1. Estate Planning advisory services including drafting of deeds
  2. Estate Audit
  3. Drafting and Registrations of Wills and related services
  4. Setting up Family Trusts and related services
  5. Trusteeship Services
  6. Bereavement advice
  7. Power of Attorney Services

Tax Consultancy

Understanding the ever-changing tax laws and advising you on the right strategies to minimize the tax obligations on your overall portfolio.

  1. Personalized tax planning from a dedicated expert
  2. Tax strategies to help optimize taxes on investments

Real Estate

Being one of the biggest asset classes in all our client portfolios, it needs a specialized and customized approach. Our team of experts help in creating bespoke solutions.

  1. Real estate advisory
  2. Structuring
  3. Joint Development
  4. Alternate real estate investment options