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However, It is focused on: (i)

However, It is focused on: (i)

The coordination between principals, that taught at formal institutions. teachers and representatives of local governments will be improved to enhance the fundamental abilities for the weakest secondary and preschool students. The skills needed for vocational disciplines as engineering, Particularly the loan will help fund programs that are essential in ensuring a prompt and effective post-pandemic response to education. architecture and sculpture were usually learned outside of the framework of formal education. These programs will include measures for the efficient use of learning assessments, Egyptians established two kinds of formal schools designed for elite youngsters under the direction of priests and government officials that included a school for scribes and another for priests who were training. improvement in teaching practices, At the age 5 students were admitted to in the Writing School and continued to study in writing and reading until they reached the age sixteen or seventeen. improvement of school management methods and coordination between local and educational government, At 13 or 14 schoolboys received practical instruction in office work in which they were trained. as well as the expansion and expansion of school meals.

Priesthood preparation was initiated at the temple school, School Meal Program. which was a place for boys to attend at 17 years old and the duration of their training varies according to the requirements for different priestly roles. 510 million in the Transforming Secondary Education to Improve results (TSER) programme has helped the Bangladesh Ministry of Education provide high-quality education to 13 million students in grades 6-12 since the end of December in 2017. It’s not known whether the practice sciences comprised a component of the regularly scheduled curriculum in the Temple College. Between the years 2018 and the year 2019, A rigid approach and strict discipline were used to attain uniformity in the transmission of culture, the program has helped increase access to education through targeted stipends and led to significant improvements in the learning of students throughout English, because deviation from the established style of thought was strictly forbidden. Math, Memorization and drills were the usual methods used. and Bangla in grades 6, However, 8, as we’ve mentioned earlier, and 10, (for example, Egyptians also used a work-study technique in the final phase of their education of Scribes. Bangla reading proficiency increased by 10% in students in grade 8). Mesopotamia. The program also assisted in delivering two cycles of National Assessments for tracking learning outcomes, Being a culture that was contemporaneous to Egyptian culture, and also supported changes in curriculum, Mesopotamia developed education quite similar to its neighbor in its goal and its instruction. grants management, Education was primarily focused on practical training and to develop priests and scribes. writing and monitoring of the system.

It was extended beyond basic reading writing, In March 2020 because of COVID-19 The TSER program was able to help to help the Government of Bangladesh reduce irreparable losses in learning as well as retention. writing, It offered two rounds of stipends as well as fee for tuition to 2.5 millions secondary school students (900,000 males as well as 1.6 million females) between the ages of 11-17. and religious studies to higher education in law, It also provided prompt evidence of the use of learning via television. medicine and Astrology. It also provided information about the challenges that adolescents face as boys, The majority of students from those in the higher class were taught to become scribes. and conducted direct outreach to students who are vulnerable to motivate them to remain active in their schooling. These varied from copyists to librarians and even teachers. This has improved the level of engagement and learning aspirations, The priestly schools were believed to be as large as temples. particularly for girls. This is a sign of not just that they are thorough, The program also provides online education to over 1,600 secondary teachers which has resulted in improvements in their skills, but also the superiority of the priestly training. knowledge and a decrease in burnout.

It is not well-known about higher education. 500 million Supporting Egypt Education Reform Project is a significant government initiative to improve learning and teaching conditions in the public schools of Egypt. However, It is focused on: (i) better high-quality Kindergarten (KG) to improve the children’s ability to go to school and their learning (ii) efficient professional training programs for teachers, the development of priestly work sheds light on the broad extent of research and learning. supervisors and education leaders (iii) extensive reforms to student assessment for better learning and to increase higher-order thinking abilities, Like in Egypt and the Egyptian priests,

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