It's All About You

We understand money and wealth management. And we respect your emotions linked with it. We also believe that the trust you place in us is sacred. Money is beyond a number or an account balance. It holds the reins to your idea of life and well-being. We believe we can help you gain control of these very reins. We do so by translating money into wealth by defining the purpose and the right framework for you. We journey with you, and translate the nebulous idea of wealth into concrete, tangible and manageable entities.

We are an employee-owned and driven organization, with the optimal blend of interest and ability to execute and strategize, so that you can stay ahead of the game. With no affiliations to corporate parents, or external shareholders, our success is entirely pivoted on successful wealth management for you. We believe in innovation and are guided by strategic counsel from a judicious advisory board. Our meaningful scale of operations complements our ability to have a dialogue and innovate. Our belief in transparency gives us the confidence to confirm that we have no conflicting business models, and that our unique models are structurally flexible to align with your interests. It’s just you and us.

We bring an exceptional blend of state-of-the-art technology and top-notch wealth advisors to the table. Our wealth advisors have an average of 19 years of wealth management experience. A deep and rich experience that comes from designing unique, customized wealth journeys in over 25 countries. We are strong advocators of combining our domain expertise with data-driven research to offer multi-asset class investment solutions and risk-adjusted returns over a period of time. At the most fundamental level, we understand that competence in recommending financial products alone is not enough. It is about managing wealth based on your circumstances, objectives and aspirations for the future. We ensure a seamless experience in connecting all the dots. Our ability to deliver that promise makes us your trusted and dependable wealth advisor.


Preeti Sawhney


A brand strategist by passion and profession, Preeti Sawhney serves as advisor, mentor and board member to several organizations and entrepreneurs. For over 30 years now, Preeti has helped solve brand and business problems across a wide spectrum of industries and organizations, including MNCs, domestic blue-chips, start-ups and NGOs. An alumnus of IIM, Calcutta, she helps her advisee companies grow sustainably through paths of integrity between purpose, action and words.

Satya Narayan Bansal


Satya Narayan Bansal is the founder of Blue Ashva Capital in Singapore which invests in profitable and sustainable business. He has been in the industry for over 3 decades now. He served as CEO of Barclays Private Bank in India; Head of Private Banking of ICICI SE Asia region and was part of the core team that set up ICICI Direct. His strategic counsel is a valuable resource for the Atom Privé team. He is a Chartered Accountant from ICAI, India, and has completed the Advanced Management Programme from Harvard Business School.

Murali Arikara


Murali Arikara is a big-picture thinker with an innate ability to communicate technical concepts in a simple manner. He serves as an independent director and advisor to several businesses in India. He holds an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University and his understanding of the domain and practical experience has helped companies in taking concepts from paper to products, raising capital, technology/product development and business development.

Wealth Creators

Sandhya Krishnan

Co-founder & Executive Director

Padmini B.S

Co-founder & Executive Director

Nandini Priyanka Loganthan

Co-founder & Executive Director

Deepti Sagar


Harsha Vardhana V.M

Founder & Managing Director

Viswanadha Raju B

Co-founder & CEO

Vinod Kamat

Co-founder & Executive Director

Manoj Puravankara

Co-founder & Executive Director

Karna Patil

Executive Director

Dennis Gabriel


Rajesh Roshan

Senior Vice President

Bhanuprasad Shetty

Assistant Vice President

Nataraj Kanchi


Rajeev RC

Vice President

Vishnu K

Financial Planning Associate

Krishna Arun

Financial Planning Associate

Rakesh Bishoi

Financial Planning Associate

Pillars of Support

Saritha Nagendra

Director - Corporate Communications

Tanushree Sahani

Head - Estate Planning

Manoj Puravankara

Head of Products & Strategic Initiatives

Ravi Roshan

Principal Officer - Risk Advisory

Bhanuprasad Shetty

Assistant Vice President - Operations


Equity Desk Manager

Sharath Bhat

Manager - MIS

Prasanna Kumar

Research Analyst

Gaurav Kongalla

Research Analyst

Vinaya Kini

Research & Reporting

Heera Unnikrishnan

Financial Planning Associate

Akshatha Betageri

Financial Planning Associate